​​​​​​​​Customer Service

MXM is committed to a service which is transparent, fair, polite, honest and always takes into consideration the other co-owners within each building that we manage. 

We also recognise on some occasions, that problems can go wrong in the buildings and properties you either own or live in. When this happens and you're really not pleased with the service then we would like you to let us know, so we can try and put these matters right for you. 

We take all complaints very seriously and will endeavour to deal with your complaint promptly and in confidence.

Any complaint will also be treated impartially. ​

To ensure we can deal with your complaint in a consistent manner, we have created step by step procedures which are set out within this guidance document for you to follow. 

What this Complaint Procedure does not cover

  • Day to day matters, such as reporting a common building repair
  • Owners who are in Litigation with the development and are being pursued by MXM on behalf of the other owners, due to unpaid common service charges
  • Owners in arrears with more than three months outstanding on their account and have not followed clause 3.1.9 within our written statement of services
  • Owners who are Landlords and not complying with the current legislation and the Deed of Conditions for the building
  • Owners in arrears who have not completed the process stated in clause 3.5 within our written statement of services
  • Service charge accounts, queries and requests for information about your account for late payment and legal charges
  • Defects and problems within your own property are usually outside our remit or control. Some of these issues will need to be referred to the letting agent, the developer or the NHBC. Unless there is a water leak coming into your property (then please use the emergency procedure process provided for your development).
  • Complaints by one resident about another resident or residents.

Please note: Payment of your monthly common service fees as per the Deed of Conditions for the building and as stated within 3.1.6 of the MXM written statement of services must be adhered to while going through the complaints procedure, other than an item applicable under 3.1.9 of the MXM written statement of services. Non-payment of your common service fees will continue to be subject to the 3.1.4 Late payment fees and 3.1.8 Debt recovery process.

Below is a copy of our complaints process.  

MXM Complaints Procedure-MXMCPr-5-8-2022.pdf

Any complaints relating to contractors or suppliers will be dealt with in the same way.​

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