• ​​What happened and in which flat the damage originated.
  • All flats involved.
  • When first noticed.
  • Likely date of occurrence.
  • Photographs of damage.
  • What have you done to mitigate further damage.​

MXM Property Solutions

Common Building Insurance Emergencies

For any owners at the buildings we currently manage, who suffer damage to their properties from the following causes listed below and for any severe weather conditions:

  • Escape of Water  
  • Flood                                                                          
  • Storm                                               

They can use the following emergency and policy numbers listed below for their building:

All the numbers provided are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The claims handler will ask you your name, policy number and full details of the loss circumstances. You will be advised on the procedures and what documentation is required by the claims handler to deal with your claim.

Please Note:

  • Any owners who are currently in litigation with us, cannot use these services, as the claim will not be processed.
  • Any tenants in the building will need to contact their landlord or letting agent, as we cannot assist with any requests, unless these are made by the landlord.​

Co-Proprietors of Southgate.

Policy Number: 050027342 
Insurer: NIG. Tel: 01732 520270

Website: https://nig.com/claims/

Co-Proprietors of the Mirus.

Policy Number: 006464728

Insurer: NIG. Tel: 01732 520270

Please see below a copy of our PI Insurance as stated within section 5.1 of the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011
Code of Conduct for Property Factors

MXM PI Insurance 

Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 Code of Conduct for Property Factors

Using the link below is our written statement of services setting out, in a simple and transparent way, the terms and service delivery standards of the arrangements in place between us and homeowners.

Please note however that the services are tailored to the requirements of individual properties and the Deed of Conditions and owners. Details of the specific services supplied to any property are available upon request.

MXM Statement of Services-01-August 2022.pdf

​Common Building Insurance Policy Details

For any owners at the buildings we currently manage, who require details for their policy.

Please contact the appointed insurance brokers who adminster the policies for all our buildings, details are as listed below:

Hamilton Robertson Insurance Brokers Limited
2 Catherine Street
G66 1LJ

TEL : 0141 776 7600 / 0141 777 7199
FAX : 0141 775 2588

Please Note:

  1. Any owners who are currently in litigation with us or not paying their common charges, will not be provided with this information.
  2. Where any individual flat owner who Lets out their flat has failed to register as a Landlord under the Antisocial Behaviour Etc (Scotland) Act 2004 - Landlord Registration, or fails to notify the appointment of an agent to Landlord Registration​, all cover under any of the common policies relating to that flat will be excluded.
  3. If you want to make a claim on the building policy please email us at: support@mxmps.com stating that you want to register a claim and provide the following information listed below: 

Please refer to our written statement of services for full details of this process.