MXM Property Solutions

Security Installations

We now offer a service for the supply and installation of access control and CCTV equipment, including the provision for off-site monitoring.

Further details to follow soon.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Security Procedures

​If the residential development you reside at has security fobs for entering the building or the car park and you have lost any of these and require a replacement:

1. Then if you are an owner please email us using the following email address listed below.

2. If you are a tenant, then please contact your landlord or letting agent to inform them that this has been lost and ask them to request a replacement by emailing us using the address provided above, for security reasons we will not take telephone requests for any security fobs.

3. If there is Security manned guarding on the site, please report this to them immediately so they can cancel your existing fob and they can issue you with a temporary door access fob until yours is replaced. If you are a tenant then you must bring along ID and the tenancy agreement for your property, or this cannot be issued.

Please note: If you are a tenant and your letting agent or landlord is not on the public register for Landlord Registration, then this will delay your request for any replacement fobs or temporary fobs until the property has the correct registration.​

​4. Please use the link below for checking your Landlord and Agents registration.

Landlord and Agents Registration Scotland